What We Offer

Blanket Accident Insurance

Despite your best precautions, serious accidents can happen. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your students are covered while they are learning in the classroom, practicing on the field, or enjoying a field trip.

Camps, Clinics & Events

We host Specialty Risk Products for subscribers of all ages that are available for instant online enrollment. These include coverage for leagues, teams, special events, and tournaments.

Event Cancellation

Our programs intend to safeguard event coordinators, sponsors, and host institutions against unforeseen circumstances such as interruptions, relocations, postponements, and cancellations.

Welcome to Our Field

We are your trusted advisors in higher education sports and special risk. We identify your potential categories of risk, and offer and advise you on the most robust, cost-effective coverage options. Being a Gallagher client, means that you are supported by one of the leading publicly-traded risk management firms in the U.S., with limitless resources and market leverage. Not only do we have long-standing relationships with the top carriers in the industry, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality client and customer service. Gallagher will work alongside you to tailor an insurance solution for your institution including:
• Account management
• Cost-containment strategies
• Insurance verification
• Claims advocacy and management
• Reporting capabilities
Choosing Gallagher as your broker partner helps you gain the competitive edge. 

Work With Us

Download your Play Book for managing Sports and Special Risk. Choosing Gallagher as your broker partner helps you gain the competitive edge. Get a quote now and connect with our Special-Risk Experts.