What We Offer

Student Health

Plan options from top-rated insurance carriers in the industry because of our independent, preferred broker status, and 25+ years in the business. Our goal is to deliver the best in student health with a high-quality plan at a competitive price.


Our in-depth knowledge of the athletics insurance industry and experience with college and university athletic programs allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of guidance and service.


While participating in international educational programs or activities, you want the peace of mind of knowing you are covered by quality medical insurance.

Property & Casualty

We offer comprehensive Personal Property Insurance Plans to college and university students for the protection of personal and university property. We've got it covered.

Waivers & Enrollment

We provide a complete waiver and enrollment management platform, an easy-to-use, automated process from start to finish.

We Care About Your Students As Much As You Do

As a school of higher education, you face many challenges: attracting and retaining students, rising cost of tuition, a changing student demographic, behavioral health concerns and new regulations, just to name a few. 

Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk understands the challenges you face and we are here to help. We make recommendations that save money, improve your program, and take the administrative burden off of you so you can focus on what you do best, educate.

There’s a reason we keep 98% of our clients year after year. It’s because of our “highly knowledgeable and responsive service team,” according to our annual client satisfaction survey. We are a national practice with the industry’s most experienced team of healthcare professionals. You can count on us to bring you a cost-effective, customized program. We think globally about student health trends but support you locally with on-site resources. Simply put, we make sure you and your students succeed.

Work With Us

Download your guide to learn more about our top student health services. Choosing Gallagher as your broker partner helps you gain the competitive edge. Get a quote now and connect with our Insurance Plan Experts.